Canada's tax deadline is April 30 and if you haven't filed your return yet — it's time to get started!

This year, it's important to consider how any COVID-19 benefits may impact your taxes. It's also worth remembering that income from avenues like social media must be included on your return, too.

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There's also deductions, credits and expenses to be aware of. This includes Canada's work from home tax deduction, which was made easier to claim this year for people who've been staying out of the office during the pandemic.

One of the most important tips the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has for Canadians is to file their income tax and benefit return before the April 30 deadline, even if you can't pay all your balance owing right away.

This will ensure there are no interruptions to credit or benefit payments (including COVID-19 benefits).

It's also worth remembering that it's not the end of the world if you make an honest error on your taxes, but it's worth double-checking you haven't made one of these common mistakes before you submit your return.