If you've been asking yourself "when are taxes due?" you might want to mark your calendar because that date is fast approaching. 

In a recent tax tip, the CRA said that Canadians must file by April 30, 2021. They detailed how missing that deadline may impact those who are collecting COVID-19 relief benefits

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The CRA noted that doing your taxes on time is the best way to make sure your benefits aren't interrupted. This includes provincial and territorial benefits. 

"The CRA uses information from both your 2019 and 2020 returns to confirm your eligibility to receive these benefits. Filing on time avoids having your recovery benefit payments paused while we validate your eligibility," said the tax tip. 

The notice mentioned that the CRA is committed to helping Canadians find solutions if they owe taxes this year. So, to ensure your benefits don't get paused, they are encouraging Canadians to file before the end of April.