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COVID-19 Cases In BC & Alberta Are Skyrocketing Right Now As The Curves Turn Back Up

Both Alberta & B.C. have reported over 500 cases in just one day.

Canada's COVID-19 cases are on the rise and two provinces are reporting more new and active cases than all the rest.

As of August 11, British Columbiareported 2,876 new COVID-19 cases over the last seven days, with 536 new daily cases.

Government of Canada

Meanwhile, Alberta had 2,563 cases in the past seven days and reported 501 new daily cases from August 10 alone.

Looking at active cases across the country, the highest number can be found in Alberta with , 3,796 active cases of COVID-19, followed by B.C. with 3,625. After B.C. is Ontario with 2,611 active cases, over 1,000 fewer than Alberta and B.C.

B.C. and Alberta's active cases make up more than half of the country's total. As of August 11, the country has 13,553 active cases of COVID-19.

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