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Canada’s First Sectional-In-A-Box Is Here & It’s Perfect For Any Space

It only takes a few minutes to assemble.
Canada’s First Sectional-In-A-Box Is Here & It’s Perfect For Any Space

Canadians spend a lot of time on their couches. It's the cozy spot where we lounge after a long day or relax and binge-watch our favourite TV shows.

In a lot of ways, sofas are the centrepieces of our homes, so choosing the right one for you and your lifestyle can feel like a big deal. You want something that's comfortable, affordable and — perhaps most importantly — easy to move so you don't have to wrestle it through your doors and hallways. 

If you've ever moved house, that might seem like a nearly impossible checklist. So wouldn't it be easier if, like the oh-so-convenient mattress-in-a-box trend, couches came delivered straight to your door in boxes too?

As it turns out, Canadian company Cozey is helping to revolutionize the way we shop for furniture online, and they've created something that makes moving a whole lot easier: Canada's first sectional-in-a-box.

Designed in and shipped from Montreal, Cozey's newly released corner module means you can make the company's already widely popular Cozey Sofa into a fully adaptable sectional. 

Each seat of Cozey's sectional-in-a-box comes in its own package and only takes a few minutes to assemble — no tools required.

Available in neutral colours like navy blue, ivory, and two shades of grey, the sectional is made for modern living, so it's also easy to move around and is totally customizable. 

If you're unsure of how big you actually need or want your sofa to be, Cozey's customizable option lets you choose how many seats you want. You can choose from one, two, three or four seats depending on your preference. 


If you move into a bigger place or decide you want more seats, you can expand the couch by ordering additional parts online at any time. 

This means you can start off with a small sofa, expand it with new seats next year and transform it into an even cozier couch when you move to a bigger place.

If you change your mind on the colour or style, Cozey offers free shipping on all orders (delivered straight to your door in three to seven business days) and easy returns.

The couch is even pet-friendly and washable, meaning your wine stains and pet hair can go totally unnoticed.

Forget waiting a month to push and shove a new couch through the doorway, only to find that it's too bulky for your place. The sectional-in-a-box is delivered to your door in cardboard boxes small enough to fit through the doorway. 

And for every sofa sold, Cozey will donate a Comfort Box (with things like warm socks, hygiene products, nonperishables and clothing inside) to the homeless community. 

Canada's first sectional-in-a-box is Cozey's latest product and an add-on to their original sofa-in-a-box (also totally customizable and easily assembled), which you can check out here.

Hello, comfy living!

To learn more about Canada's first sectional-in-a-box, check out Cozey's website or follow them on Facebook, InstagramTwitter or YouTube.

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