7 Jobs With Canada's Top Employers That You Can Apply To Now

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7 Jobs With Canada's Top Employers That You Can Apply To Now

Looking for a job in today's market can sometimes seem overwhelming, and you might not always know what a company will be like before you start working there. However, Canada's top employers have been named for 2020, and they have plenty of reasons to want to apply. Many of them have positions available now.

The list of the best places to work in the country includes universities, government agencies, online retailers, and food companies.

No matter what kind of job you're looking for, or what field you want to get started in, there is likely a career path for you with these great employers.

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Sales Rep

Company: PepsiCo Canada

Why You Should Apply: If you're a big fan of snack food, then you'd probably be able to sell it pretty well! PepsiCo is looking for a full-time employee who can travel to different locations and work to boost sales numbers.

PepsiCo offers its workers competitive compensation, benefits, a pension, RRSP contributions, and vacation time

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Communications Specialist

Company: CIBC

Why You Should Apply: Working for one of Canada's most well-known banks would provide a decent amount of job security, plus they offer the option of a flexible work schedule that fits your needs. On top of that, they'll waive your daily banking fees.

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Account Manager

Company: Kellogg Canada

Why You Should Apply: You can be a part of the company that helps people start their day. Plus, they offer their employees great development programs and tuition subsidies for continued learning. Cereal fans should definitely consider this one.

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Logistics Associate

Company: Labatt Brewing Company

Why You Should Apply: If you're concerned about the environment, then you would be happy to know that Labatt was named one of Canada's greenest employers in 2020. Not to mention the fact that if you're a beer enthusiast, you would get to learn more about the entire process from brewing to bottling.

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Service Desk Agent

Company: Simon Fraser University

Why You Should Apply: Getting to work at this prestigious school would be pretty amazing, but on top of the solid hourly pay of $26.25, SFU offers various employee group benefits.

This position also requires almost no prior experience, so it could be great for a recent graduate looking to get their foot in the door.

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Support Advisor

Company: Shopify

Why You Should Apply: This is another work-from-home position, which is definitely a benefit in 2020, but is a great perk in any situation.

Shopify employees also benefit from a $5,000 boost upon being hired that can be put toward charitable donations or a health and wellness plan.

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Collections Contact Officer

Company: Canada Revenue Agency

Why You Should Apply: Working for the government can be a sweet gig, and this job is no exception.

The salary can range from $52,410 to $58,988, and you would get access to some truly great benefits.

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