Canadian Buoy Took A Two-Year Trip To Europe And The Bahamas (VIDEO)

What a wild adventure!
Red buoy floating in the water
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing

The borders may be closed due to COVID-19 , but that didn't stop this Canadian Coast Guard buoy from taking a trip across the Atlantic Ocean. The massive three-tonne buoy named Mark-JJ3 was mysteriously discovered in the Bahamas in March 2020. So how did this Canadian buoy end up thousands of miles south of where it was anchored?

The buoy was originally stationed near Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia and the chain it was anchored to broke off. The buoy then slowly moved off-shore until it got caught in the Gulf Stream which took it all the way to Europe!

After that, a very slow current called the Canary Current sent the buoy floating down near Northwest Africa. Finally, the North Equatorial Current took it all the way back to the Caribbean.

According to The Weather Network , the trip took over two years!

Jeremy Hazan
Deputy Editor, Social Publishing