Canadians Are Flocking To Halifax Right Now As They Fall Out Of Love With Big Cities

They're getting TF out of Toronto and Montreal!👇🇨🇦

Canadians Are Flocking To Halifax Right Now As They Fall Out Of Love With Big Cities
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After a year of working from home, Canadians are apparently getting the hell out of the city and are moving to the coast.

A new study from LinkedIn has found that more and more Canadians are moving across the country for a "change in post-pandemic lifestyle."

The company's Workforce Report for Canada reveals that Halifax has gained the most new Canadian residents since April 2020 (+39%) of any major metro area in the country.

LinkedIn explains that the area has seen a surge of growth thanks to its waterfront access and relaxed lifestyle. It also notes that a home in the area cost $466,633 on average in May, compared to approximately $496,600 in Montreal or $1,045,800 in Greater Toronto.

Loads of Canadians also moved to the metro areas in and around Vancouver (+10.5%).

While the region definitely isn't known for having affordable real estate, the report concludes that the region's "temperate weather [and] access to beaches and mountains" are significant factors, instead.

It also notes that the region was recently ranked as the top location in Canada for young people to fulfill their personal and professional goals, too.

Goodbye, Toronto

While Vancouver and Halifax have been the biggest gainers of internal migration since April 2020, Canadians have been saying goodbye to Montreal (-21%) and Greater Toronto (-12.2%).

The study suggests that this may be thanks to property prices in the GTA, with Toronto and Hamilton now among the least affordable cities in North America.

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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