Canadians Are Sharing Their Most Expensive Buys From 2022 & Some Are Lavish AF

In this economy?! 👀

Canadian currency.

Canadian currency.

With the price of just about everything skyrocketing in the last few years, it might come as a surprise to some to see the pricey things that Canadians have splurged on recently.

Over on the Reddit thread r/PersonalFinanceCanada, the user u/walkingotter asked, "What was the most expensive thing, product or service you bought in 2022? And do you have any regrets?"

And it's safe to say some Canadians had a very pricey year.

"Bought a house at the worst time to buy a house in the last 25 years," explained one Redditor. "Yep. With an adjustable rate. Then freaked with the rate hikes and switched to fixed, which still not sure if it was the best idea. Regret? Surprisingly no. My son's mental health has improved, I f**king love my neighbours, and I live an 11-minute walk from a lake."

Another user also bought a property but had mixed feelings about it.

"That first couple of weeks after closing was brutal," they shared. "I definitely had buyer's remorse and couldn't believe what I paid for this POS. 6 months later, I'm happy with my purchase and enjoying my house. My house feels like my own and is much more comfortable than when I first moved in."

Many listed home renovations that cost anywhere between a couple hundred to upwards of $30,000 with varying degrees of satisfaction and regrets.

"New roof for my house, around $12K," shared a user. "It was painful to write a check that big, but it would have been more painful if I'd waited until the roof started leaking."

"34k on a tractor and 34k on new windows and doors," said another.

Others detailed the trips they went on, both near and far.

"Quit my job after working 60+ hr weeks and took 2 months of vacation around Canada and Asia + 1 week of Hawaii at the start of the year. 15K+," explained one person.

"Went on a 4600 km road trip in my Jeep with my gf," said another. "Went from Northern Sask to Victoria, BC and then up to Tofino in September. And then bought myself a brand new truck just before Christmas."

"Resigned from my job then spent 2 months in Australia," a Redditor shared. "2 months of no income & looking at the ocean was priceless. Maybe it was $10-15K in opportunity cost and expenses but I’d do it again tomorrow."

And finally, one user shared a big 2022 expense that their kids will likely thank them for in the future:

"Braces for both kids - $12K. Avoided payment plan (claimed to be 0% interest, but had high fees). Only regrets are having kids with sh*tty teeth lol."

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Sarah Rohoman
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