Casa Loma's Halloween Event Takes You Through 'Haunted' Stables & A New Zombie Apocalypse

Explore dark tunnels and an abandoned building filled with monsters.

Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario. Right: 'Phantom of the Opera' themed scene.
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Casa Loma in Toronto, Ontario. Right: 'Phantom of the Opera' themed scene.

Get ready to be spooked, because one of Toronto's major haunted attractions is returning for Halloween season, and it's even more terrifying this year.

Casa Loma's Legends of Horror is making a comeback on September 30, and the castle will be transformed into a terrifying fortress with scares around every turn.

You can wander along a 2-kilometre trail that winds through the gardens, eerie tunnels, and the "haunted" stables . Along the way, you'll be met with creepy scenes, ghoulish characters, 3D projections, and more.

You can fuel up at the castle's Glass Pavilion, which is turning into the Captain Morgan Bar and Lounge. You'll enjoy spooky themed drinks and food with views of the eerie castle projections as a backdrop.

This year, a sinister new activity is coming to the castle, and it will trap you in a nightmare. Zombie Apocalypse is an immersive experience created in partnership with Secret City Adventures.

The massive zombie-themed haunted house opens October 13 in an abandoned venue south of the castle. You'll be taken through a bone-chilling science lab filled with horrific experiments that turn subjects into hungry zombies.

"We have scoured the globe for the most terrifying new creative elements and the production teams have outdone themselves this year," Nadia Di Donato, vice president and creative director at Liberty Entertainment Group said in a press release. "We expect the shows will mesmerize Halloween’s biggest fans, with the promise that no two visitor experiences will be alike."

Tickets for both events are available online, but be warned, you'll be sleeping with the lights on after these terrifying experiences.

Legends of Horror

Price: $35 + for Legends of Horror, $40+ for Zombie Apocalypse

When: September 30 to October 31, 2022 for Legends of Horror, October 13 to November 5, 2022 for Zombie Apocalypse

Address: 1 Austin Terr., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Casa Loma is transforming into a terrifying haunted castle with a new zombie event.


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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Travel Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Toronto, Ontario.