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CBSA Is Hiring Puppies Right Now & They're Looking For Good Dogs Only

If you know a pup that needs a new opportunity, look no further! The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is hiring detector dogs right now and they’re looking for very specific candidates.

The job posting explains that the federal agency is looking for puppies to take part in their National Detector Dog Training Program, which operates from the CBSA College in Quebec.

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The program, which is “known worldwide for its excellence,” is looking to purchase detector dogs to work alongside CBSA officers to protect Canada’s borders.

More specifically, they’re hiring healthy, young dogs that need a new home and are up for a challenge. The furry candidates cannot be shy, timid or aggressive and must have a strong character, as well as great focus and agility.

Hunting breeds like Labrador retrievers, springer spaniels, golden retrievers, Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers or beagles are preferred.

Detector Dog

Salary: Not disclosed

Company: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Who Should Apply: If you’re a pup with plenty of promise, the CBSA wants you! They’re looking for healthy youngsters who aren’t shy and have a paws-itive attitude. 

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