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8 Celebrities Who Have Unbelievable Real Estate In Texas (PHOTOS)

Joe Rogan's new Texas house is huge 🤯
8 Celebrities Who Have Unbelievable Real Estate In Texas (PHOTOS)

Texas is home to many celebrities, and it should come as no surprise to find out they have insanely over-the-top homes.

With more and more big names making the move into Texas, the amount of magnificent real estate continues to grow.

This list will show you some of the craziest celebrity homes that can be found all over the lone star state.

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Matthew McConaughey 

McConaughey is a hometown hero in the state capital. His first movie was "Dazed And Confused" which was set entirely in Austin, and now he has returned home and moved into this absolutely gorgeous residence that gives him an amazing view of his hometown.

Joe Rogan 

UFC Commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan made his move to Austin this year after saying that Los Angeles had just become too crowded. Now he has an incredible lake property worth a whopping $14.4M. His new podcast studio is bigger and better as well.

Joel Osteen 

Houston televangelist Joel Osteen also resides in an absolutely beautiful home in H-town. One of the biggest on the list, this house has a massive pool along with two guest houses.

Alex Jones

Definitely the most controversial character on the list, radio show host Alex Jones seems to need a house that is as big as his personality. Residing off of a private road, this home features a massive pool and foresty backyard.

Dak Prescott

The leader of America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, obviously needs a home fit for a king, and that's exactly what quarterback Dak Prescott has. This estate is so big that it seems he has an entire football field in his backyard.

Dirk Nowitzki 

Nowitzki is such a legend in Dallas that he has a street named after him, and his house is definitely fit for the legend himself. The former NBA star's recently acquired estate in the upscale Dallas neighborhood of Preston Hollow is massive but is also hidden behind beautiful trees. It also has a full-sized private tennis court.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

It should come as no surprise that the Gaines have one of the most beautiful estates in their hometown of Waco, Texas. Their show "Fixer Upper" has virtually made them the king and queen of Waco, and they definitely have the home to show it. Of course, they flipped it themselves and were kind enough to show the world.

Dez Bryant 

Dallas Cowboys legend Dez Bryant has called Texas home for years now, but he may have just made a move to the city of his new team, the Baltimore Ravens. Regardless, his Texas property is just as legendary as he is, and it features a basketball court and an amazing pool.

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