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The CRA Has No Plans To Cancel CERB Repayments Government Official Confirms

Some Canadians may owe thousands in repayments.
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CERB Repayments: The CRA Has No Plans To Cancel Repayments Says Government Official

Despite calls from some politicians to cancel CERB repayments, a federal government official has made it clear that the CRA has no plans to do so.

Speaking during a House of Commons human resources committee on Thursday evening, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough confirmed that the Canada Revenue Agency is reviewing applications for the CERB.

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We are not currently contemplating an amnesty, but we are looking to find ways to minimize the impact. Carla Qualtrough

Describing the process as “difficult,” she added, “I remain as committed as ever to working with citizens in a dignified way on repayment plans.”

However, Qualtrough confirmed there won't be an "amnesty” for Canadians who need to repay.

Instead, she said the CRA is looking for other ways to “minimize the impact” for those who may need to repay thousands of dollars.

This includes offering applicants more time to return the money and more flexibility to repay.

While the agency is not enforcing CERB repayments before 2021, they’re advising Canadians who owe money to return it before January 1 so that it doesn’t impact their taxes next year.

The employment minister’s comments came just days before one Canadian revealed she owed over $18,000 in CERB and CRB repayments.

On Tuesday, Green Party leader Annamie Paul called on the federal government to scrap repayments, describing the move as "heartless, unreasonable and unfair."

She also said the application process left many people confused about their eligibility.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to "work with" applicants when it comes to returning the benefits.

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