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Canadians Can Now Check Their Credit Score For Free & Here's How It Works

In the past you had to pay to find out!👇💰

Thanks to new legislation passed in Quebec, checking your credit score in Canada just got a whole lot cheaper. In fact, it’s now totally free!

Credit scores — which are designed to predict how reliable a consumer is when it comes to paying their bills — previously cost as much as $30 to look into and would often be completed via a credit reporting agency.

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However, since the Quebec government passed legislation in February that serves to better protect consumers, all Canadians are now able to find out their own credit score information for free.

This means that by law, consumer reporting agencies Equifax and TransUnion must allow residents of Quebec to check their credit reports and scores for free.

While this specific legislation only impacts Quebecers, Equifax has now agreed to allow all Canadians to access the same cost-free service.

It’s worth noting that while some banks and websites have enabled customers to access similar information for free in the past (usually alongside other services), this is the first time Equifax has made the move for Canadians everywhere.

How do I check my credit score?

To find out your credit information, head to the Equifax website's homepage.

From here, you’ll have to input some personal details and answer a few questions. Although you can also add your social insurance number, this isn’t a requirement.

Once all the necessary information has been added, your free credit score will come back within 10 minutes.

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