Cineplex Is Limiting Its Snack Options In Canada As Part Of Its Reopening Plan

What's a movie without snacks?
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Cineplex Reopening Is Happening Gradually With Snack Options Are Limited To Popcorn & Other Classics

Lights, camera, action! The Cineplex reopening is happening slowly across the country but there are limits on movie snack options. At theatres now you can only get popcorn and other classics.

Cineplex outlined its reopening plan for theatres in Canada and it includes changes to seating, payments, snacks and more.

The Canadian movie giant closed its doors back in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic and starting letting people back in again in June.

With more restrictions being lifted, more theatres are showing movies with health and safety protocols in place.

Some of the new measures include reserved seating in all auditoriums in Canada with seats blocked off for physical distancing, reduced capacity and enhanced cleaning.

Only debit and credit payments are allowed so no cash will be accepted.

There is enhanced cleaning going on with a focus on high touch surfaces and hand sanitizer available for movie-goers and employees to use. Employees are also given all the PPE they need.

VIP theatres will stay closed until new films are available to be shown.

Snack options are limited to Cineplex's popcorn and other classic concessions items, but they don't specify what these are.

Popcorn is a must though. Are you really watching a movie if you don't have snacks?

There are plans to reopen as many locations across the country as possible throughout the rest of the summer.

Cineplex said in its second-quarter results that this is dependent on approval from governments and health authorities and the economical feasibility. 

The reopening will be gradual and in phases to coincide with regulations about public gathering limits and safety guidelines along with the availability of films.

After theatres closed in March, Cineplex had planned on reopening in April but that had to be pushed back.

Then in July, even after theatres started to reopen, a little over 130 employees were laid off in Canada and the U.S. because of the impact the pandemic had.

If you're not comfortable going to a movie theatre yet, you can get Cineplex popcorn and snacks delivered through Skip The Dishes and Uber Eats.

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