A Canadian Company Has Created Invisible Face Masks That Are Completely Clear (VIDEO)

Canada has very specific guidelines on how masks should be though.
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Clear Face Mask In Canada Has Been Made So You Can Show Your Smile

Would you wear this? There's a new clear face mask in Canada that was made to be invisible so you can "mingle" and let people see your smile again. However, it doesn't quite line up with the federal government's guidelines for masks.

A Canadian company has created an invisible face mask that's an alternative to the blue ones we've all become familiar with recently.

The Mingle Mask is ergonomic, which means it's designed for comfort.

It also doesn't fog up so it's easier to breathe while using it.

However, it's not snug to the nose or cheek like other masks are.

With the Mingle Mask, you use the ear loops to secure it to your head and there's also a chin rest.

Unlike the other face coverings we've gotten used to these days, this one doesn't curve to the shape of your nose.

It just goes straight up and covers your nose without resting against it.

According to the company, it still protects you just like other face coverings do.

It can be used to help with facial identification when it's needed like at the airport, when communicating with someone whose hearing is impaired, in the service industry and more.

The Mingle Mask is recyclable and made with FDA-approved plastic right here in Canada.

Canada has guidelines about wearing face masks.

Non-medical ones should be made of at least two layers of tightly-woven fabric like cotton or linen and cover the nose and mouth without gaps.

So the Mingle Mask doesn't quite meet those recommendations.

Also, Canada said that your mask should cover your mouth and nose fully and not be loose.

It hasn't been shown just how well this new clear mask can stop you from speaking moistly on others but it's currently available for pre-order if you want to buy it.

Meanwhile, Canada has funded the development and production of a biodegradable filter for single-use face masks.

They'll be made from Canadian forest fibres at Canadian pulp and paper mills.

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