Cole Sprouse Dished On How He Met His Canadian Girlfriend & Why She Makes His Life Better

"She's my best friend." ❤️

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Ari Fournier and Cole Sprouse. Right: Cole Sprouse.

Ari Fournier and Cole Sprouse. Right: Cole Sprouse.

Cole Sprouse recently appeared on an episode of Call Her Daddy and he shared some sweet words for his Canadian girlfriend.

The Riverdale actor chatted with podcast host Alexandra Cooper on about how he and Quebec model Ari Fournier met through "friends of friends."

"First time I met her she was actually in a five-year relationship," Sprouse said. "And we didn't speak again for like two years. And by the time we met again, she was single."

He said the pair bonded when he invited some people over to his house for a party and she ended up being the last one there.

"And honestly, from that moment on, we didn't stop spending every day with one another," the actor explained. "She's my best friend. We get along so well. We do everything together."

Sprouse said that despite being together for over two years, it only feels like it's been a week.

"Honestly, I've never experienced this level of compatibility and it makes me look back on my youth and go, 'Well, you really didn't know,' which is nuts."

He also shared how much his life has improved "as a consequence" of his relationship with Fournier.

"I've gotten sober," Sprouse said. "I've questioned my existence in a way that I never have before. I've had my best financial years. My career's doing better."

"It's like when the private sphere is locked in, everything else comes from that foundation and it is in no small part thanks to her."

According to Narcity Quebec, Fournier is a 24-year-old from Montreal who models for IMG Models Worldwide as well as Premier Model Management. She is also the founder of Fashion 4 Humanity INC, a "non-profit charity organization that raises funds for crisis relief and important causes through fashion and art."

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