A heated interaction between a few hikers is quickly going viral in the Vancouver area. In a video shared on Facebook, a woman is seen shouting at two teenagers for picking a berry bush on a popular hiking trail in Coquitlam, B.C. After yelling at the girls for berry-picking, the incident quickly turned sour when she told the girls to "go back where you came from." 

One of the girls, Sara Pashandi, recorded the encounter. The other girl's mother, Azita Ebadati shared the footage to Facebook where it has since gone viral with more than 2,500 shares.

“Some racist lady came up to my daughter Elika and her friend Sara when they were on a hike at Minnekhada regional park because they were eating berries from a branch!" read Ebadati's Facebook post. "She had no right."

Narcity spoke with Pashandi about the encounter. She said that the incident took place at Minnekhada Regional Park on Sunday, June 28 at approximately 5:30 p.m.

"We were just minding our business and trying to read one of the maps on the hiking trail," Pashandi said at the time that they were approached. 

The video starts off with the woman telling the two girls that as a resident, she pays for the park and doesn't like to see people wrecking it. 

The woman has since been identified as Andrea Tylczak. Earlier this week, Tylczak said "the whole thing was a big mistake" and she regrets it.*

In the video, the girls reply that they’re not wrecking the bush and are just picking "a tiny branch of berries." In the video, you can see the woman waving her arms around while mocking that response. 

She then calls the girls "complete twits" and the girls respond by telling the woman to mind her own business.

According to CTV News, disturbing vegetation in B.C. parks is against guidelines.* 

As both parties begin to get more heated, the incident escalates. 

After some back and forth, the woman tells the girls to "go back to where they come from." 

The Vancouver teens respond by questioning where the woman is from, where she was born and calling her a "colonizer." When asked where she's from, the unidentified woman responds, "The United States." 

When the video pans to the girls, you can see that they are carrying a branch with them.

Pashandi said that at first they were "pretty shaken up, just because neither one of us had ever experienced an interaction with someone that racist, but now looking back it’s funny."

“We just hope the video somehow gets back to her so she can become more educated on why what she did was wrong.”

Near the end of the video, the woman expresses how she does not want her picture taken. When the girls confront the woman about the "go back to where you came from" comment, she said she didn't mean it.

*This article has been updated.