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Woman Who Yelled At Teens In BC Park Admits Her Comment Was Racist

“The whole thing was a bad mistake and I deeply, deeply regret it.”

Earlier this week, a woman named Andrea Tylczak went viral after she was filmed in a heated confrontation with two young women of colour in Coquitlam, B.C. In the video, she is heard saying “go back to where you came from.”

Now, the Coquitlam woman is admitting to CTV News that her comment was indeed racist, but came out wrong as she apparently intended to tell them to go home.

The whole thing was a bad mistake and I deeply, deeply regret it. That’s what I would like to say to them, and I would like to say to anyone who saw the video, that I deeply regret it. It does not reflect my beliefs in any way.

Andrea Tylczak

In the footage, we see the three arguing over the fact that the girls had pulled a branch from a berry bush.

Sara Pashandi, one of the girls, told Narcity that they were just minding their own business when the woman approached. 

Tylczak told CTV that she waited in the parking lot for the girls to apologize after the interaction but didn't see them again. 

Via CTV News 

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