Canadians Say They've Been Gaining Weight & Boozing More Than Americans During The Pandemic

North Americans just revealed how their lifestyles have changed during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes: Study Reveals How Canadians' & Americans' Lives Have Changed

It's safe to say that all of our lives have changed significantly over the duration of the pandemic. A new study by Leger compares the COVID-19 lifestyle changes between Canadians and Americans and it looks like Canadians are feeling a little worse off than their neighbours to the south.

In fact, 29% of Canadian respondents said they are "worse off now than before the pandemic," whereas only 23% of Americans said the same.


According to the findings, 39% of Canadians asked said they gained weight, 16% said their alcohol consumption went up, and 37% said their level of exercise went down. Apparently, the Canadians who said they gained weight had gained 16 pounds on average.

In comparison, only 26% of American respondents said they gained weight, 12% said they've been drinking more alcohol, and 20% have been exercising less.

Taking a closer look at the changes in Canadians' lifestyles, the highest number of people reported gaining weight in Alberta and reported increasing alcohol consumption the most in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.