COVID-19 Is Affecting Each Province So Differently Now & These Graphs Prove It

One region has over 100,000 more COVID-19 cases than another.
COVID-19 In Canada Is Affecting Each Province So Differently & These Graphs Prove It
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When it comes to COVID-19 in Canada, each province, territory and region is being affected differently.

As case numbers reach record-highs in some spots, like Ontario and Quebec, another is yet to report a single case of the illness.

On October 25, Quebec confirmed over 100,000 positive tests, which is almost more than every other Canadian province and territory combined.

Acknowledging the disparity last week, Trudeau urged unity among Canadians and described the fight against the illness as “a Team Canada effort.”

Although it’s hardly surprising that COVID-19 statistics would vary from province-to-province and beyond, the federal government’s latest graphs show just how stark the difference is between the worst-affected and least-affected regions.

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As of October 25, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Alberta was 24,261. The graph shows a gradual increase in cases over the past few weeks, due in part to a number of hot spots in the area.

British Columbia

With approximately 50% fewer cases than Alberta, the COVID-19 situation in B.C. has remained somewhat stable over the last couple of months. That said, there’s been an increase in positive tests since September and B.C. remains in the four worst-affected regions in Canada.


As of October 25, the total in Manitoba was 4,249. In response to a slight increase in the province’s number of cases, Premier Brian Pallister announced huge new fines for anybody flouting health orders.

New Brunswick

With just 65 active cases of COVID-19 in the region as of October 25, New Brunswick remains one of the lesser-affected Canadian provinces.*

Newfoundland and Labrador

Like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador’s case count is somewhat stable. The total number of people to have the illness in the region remains under 300.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has had more total cases than the remaining Maritime provinces and Newfoundland and Labrador combined. Still, there are six active cases of the illness there right now.*


One of the worst-affected spots in Canada, Ontario continues to report record-breaking figures on a somewhat regular basis.

Prince Edward Island

Comparatively, P.E.I. is the only Canadian province with less than 100 total cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. As of October 23, there was only one active case.


Quebec is the worst-affected province in Canada, with over 100,000 positive tests in total. As of October 25, there were more cases in Quebec than almost every other province and territory combined.


In stark contrast, Saskatchewan’s graph shows only a slight increase in new cases since the beginning of the month.

Northwest Territories

After reporting its first case back in March, the Northwest Territories has only confirmed nine total cases so far. 


The worst-affected of the three territories, Yukon has reported just over double the total amount of cases confirmed by the Northwest Territories. That said, active cases in the region remain in single-figures.


Nunavut is the only province or territory in Canada that has remained case-free since the beginning of the global pandemic. While one case was reported back in April, it was later found to be a false-positive.

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