Canada Has Seen Over 800K COVID-19 Cases & Here's How Many Came From Travelling

Justin Trudeau keeps asking Canadians to STAY HOME!
COVID-19 In Canada: Thousands Of The Country's Cases Are Due To Travel

New data from Statistics Canada provides an update on COVID-19 in Canada, including the total case count, how cases were transmitted, and the resulting deaths. 

As of February 28, 2021, Canada had recorded 839,926 total cases of COVID-19.

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Of those cases, 6,424 were a result of travel exposures. 

From the people that got COVID-19 from travel exposures, 116 lives were lost. 

A vast majority of cases across the country were a result of community exposures, amounting to a whopping 704,319 total. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly told Canadians to cancel trips and stay home. 

“We’ve been very clear — no one should be vacationing abroad right now,” said Trudeau

Canada has lost 21,420 lives to COVID-19, according to the numbers.