BC Is Cracking Down Hard On Parties Starting This Weekend With Fines Up To $25k

Maybe just stay home? 😅
COVID-19 Numbers In BC: Province Is Cracking Down Hard On Parties Starting This Weekend
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Officials are beginning to crack down on partying. During an update to the public on Thursday, August 13, Minister Adrian Dix stated that parties have been a source of problems when it comes to controlling COVID-19 numbers in B.C. Fines of up to $25,000 could be issued and officials will be out patrolling this weekend.  

A stern Dix addressed the public encouraging people to not attend or throw parties this weekend following a recent surge in COVID-19 cases in the province. 

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Dix noted that a significant source of the problem has been private parties

While the official admitted that there are rights for people on their own private property, he's encouraging people to think twice about hosting any get together— especially if it's a party with alcohol where physical distancing can be tough. 

Dix then suggested that anyone who is invited to a party should rethink their decision to go. 

He then threatened the public by stating that if people did choose to have private parties or ones in banquet halls this weekend, Environmental Health Officers and public health would be stopping by. 

Dix made it clear that the limit to how many people could be at each party would be strongly implemented. 

Right now, no one is allowed to have a gathering with over 50 people. 

“We are going to ensure that that expectation is followed everywhere. And should it not be followed, inevitably consequence must follow," said Dix. 

According to Global News, the B.C. Public Health Act notes that anyone caught breaking one of Dr. Bonnie Henry's health orders could face up to a $25,000 fine. 

There could also be a jail term served of up to six months. 

In addition to listening to health officers, Dix noted that officials are attempting to work with social media influencers in order to get their message across. 

Premier John Horgan already asked both Seth Rogan and Ryan Reynolds to do their part and encourage people to continue to listen to health and safety measures. 

During the same press conference, data was shown that determined a second wave of COVID-19 could take place in September should we continue on the same path that we’re on.

Stephanie Hilash
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