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Dr. Tam Says We Might Not Have Even Seen The 'Severe Impacts' Of The Second Wave Yet

Hospitalizations and deaths lag behind reports of new cases.

Well, this isn't good news. With the COVID-19 second wave in Canada happening right now, we might not have actually seen the "severe impacts" of that yet according to Dr. Theresa Tam.

In a statement shared on October 21, the country's top doctor raised some concerns she has about the second wave.

Case counts continue to be high in many parts of the country and the number of people who are experiencing severe illness is also on the rise.

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The concern is that we have yet to see the extent of severe impacts associated with the ongoing increase in COVID-19 disease activity.

Dr. Theresa Tam

From October 14 to October 20, an average of 979 people with COVID-19 was being treated in hospitals every day which includes 200 people who were being treated in ICUs.

In that time, there was also an average of 20 deaths related to COVID-19 reported daily.

Dr. Tam's concern is that we still haven't seen the true extent of the "severe impacts" that are associated with increasing case counts.

She said that's because hospitalizations and deaths usually lag behind those increases by one week or even a couple of weeks.

The day before this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada's fight against COVID-19 is "far from over."

The country's top doctor also recently noted that things are more complicated in the second wave than they were in the first.