One Canadian Region Just Topped 95,000 COVID-19 Cases While Another Has Zero

There's significant variation across the country.
COVID-19 In Canada: One Region Topped 95K COVID-19 Cases While Another Has 0
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As the number of people with COVID-19 in Canada continues to climb, some regions are being hit harder than others.

In fact, one spot has now reported over 95,000 cases of the illness, while another is yet to confirm a single one.

Additionally, as of October 20, two provinces alone made up almost 80% of Canada’s total count.

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95,216 Cases of COVID-19 in Quebec

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Quebec has reported a total of 95,216 cases as of October 20. Ontario has reported 65,896.

Conversely, in Nunavut, nobody has tested positive for the illness yet.*

In fact, Quebec has now confirmed over 95,000 more infections than all three territories and P.E.I. combined.

Acknowledging this disparity on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “Canada is a big country and the pandemic is playing out differently in different provinces and territories.”

“This is a Team Canada effort,” he added.

Speaking as the total number of cases in the country topped 200,000, he described the fight against COVID-19 as "far from over."

As of October 20, there were 22,151 active cases of the illness country-wide.

*Editor's note: This article has been updated.

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