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Hinshaw Says No One Should Leave The Province Or Crash With Friends For Spring Break

Alberta's top doctor says we need to stay close to home.
COVID-19 Travel Rules: Albertans Should Stay Close To Home For Spring Break

With spring break fast approaching, many people are wondering about COVID-19 travel rules in regards to interprovincial travel. 

While there's no official mandate against travelling between provinces, Dr. Deena Hinshaw said in a press conference on Wednesday, March 17 that she strongly recommends against it.

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"It’s clear that in many other provinces, spread of COVID-19 and variant cases, in particular, are escalating and travelling at this time, outside of the province, risks further escalating that kind of spread," said Hinshaw. 

She said that travel needs to be done with your household cohort or your two close contacts if you live alone. 

She also noted that no one should be staying in other people's homes as that breaks current health orders. "For the next couple of months, including spring break, we need to just hold on and protect our communities with our choices," she concluded.

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