The CRA Has Entry-Level Jobs Available That Can Pay Up To $47K

No previous experience needed!
The CRA Has Entry-Level Jobs Available That Can Pay Up To $47K

If there's one thing that can grind the search for work to a halt, it's the need for years of experience. Luckily, the Canada Revenue Agency is hiring for entry-level positions right now. The only requirement for applying is a secondary school diploma.

On top of earning a salary that can range anywhere from $37,595.00 to $47,581.00, you'd get a chance to work for one of Canada's top 100 employers.

There are plenty of chances for professional development and a number of other benefits to working for the CRA.

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What are the positions?

Currently, the CRA is looking to fill a number of roles at its Sudbury office

These positions would fall under the SP-03 and SP-04 classifications, with the SP standing for Services and Programs.

The agency states that there is a wide range of opportunities within Services and Programs, including jobs as administrative assistants or collection agents.

They may also include placements in fields such as human resources, planning, finance, and communications.

Applicants will be added to an inventory, and as positions become available, those who meet the qualifications will be considered for further assessment.

What are the requirements?

To apply to this inventory, the only educational requirement is a secondary school diploma. As these are entry-level jobs, no previous experience is required.

If you are considered for a position, you will have to complete a performance validation, as well as a Korn Ferry Internet Test to assess your "cognitive abilities and behavioural competencies."

Applicants should be willing to work part-time hours in evening or afternoon shifts and put in overtime when necessary. They should also be flexible and able to work at the 1050 Notre Dame Ave. location in Sudbury.

Some of these jobs may also require lifting boxes that weigh anywhere from 5-20 kilograms.

Are other entry-level government jobs available?

For anyone who doesn't live in the Sudbury area (and isn't willing to move), there are other government jobs available that require little to no experience.

Statistics Canada is hiring for a number of different positions, such as finance and travel clerks, interviewers, and administrative assistants. Some of these jobs only need you to know how to use a computer mouse.

For those who are enrolled in post-secondary school, particularly in an economics or finance program, there are positions as student financial analysts with the government that can pay up to $27 an hour.