There's a Crave subscription deal happening throughout March that offers 50% off subscriptions for three months when you join.

If you've missed Friends since it left Netflix or are curious about those much talked about HBO shows and wanted an excuse to subscribe, all monthly plans are now half off for three months so you'll have a lot to watch no matter which one you choose.

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This deal is only available to first-time subscribers who join directly through Crave so you can't cancel your existing membership and re-subscribe to save some money or go through your TV provider.

You can take advantage of the offer until March 31. 

The most basic subscription package gets you Crave Originals, Showtime, TV series like Friends plus the ability to watch on-demand at any time and it's regularly $9.99 a month plus tax.

Then there's one for $19.98 monthly plus tax, where you get everything like the basic and also HBO, new Hollywood movies, family and kids movies, six live channels and on-demand.

Next is another subscription that's regularly $25.97 a month plus tax that includes STARZ Originals along with all the other shows, movies and channels.

While Friends left Netflix for another streaming service, The Office is staying on Canadian Netflix, even though it left in the U.S.