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Dairy Queen Just Launched New Dilly Bars That Are Vegan & Gluten Free

It apparently lives up to the classic.

Another vegan ice cream bar has just entered the chat! That's because Dairy Queen just added a new tasty treat to its menu.

Best of all? Not only are they available at all Canadian DQ locations but they are also totally vegan and gluten-free.

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A new delicious treat that lives up to the classic. Dairy Queen

The newest addition to the ice cream franchise is the Non-Dairy Dilly Bar, which Dairy Queen lovers may recognize as a different version of the original dilly bar.

However, it's the vegan and gluten-free aspect of this sweet tooth item that makes it different in nature. 

The company said the vegan and gluten-free treat is the newest creation from DQ and is "designed to give all Canadians something to satisfy their sweet cravings," they told Narcity.

The chocolate bar is made with coconut cream and is coated with crunchy chocolate. 

You can get your hands on this anywhere in Canada where a DQ is located and if one isn't enough the bar comes in a pack of six, which can also be ordered via drive-thru, takeout or delivery.