Shopping for furniture can make you hungry, and if you have a sweet tooth, then the latest addition to the IKEA Canada bistro menu might just hit the spot.

The Swedish furniture giant is now serving a frozen strawberry dessert at stores across the country.

On top of costing just $1, the tasty treat contains no dairy and is completely plant-based.

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$1 For a frozen vegan treat

For those who pick their frozen desserts based on their environmental impact, this new treat has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional froyo.

IKEA has been working to introduce more plant-based options to its stores and its bistro.

In 2018, the company launched a vegetarian hot dog across Canada, noting that it was also a more sustainable snack than its previous version made with meat. 

It even created a plant-based version of its famous meatballs, which begs the question of whether they can even be called meatballs anymore.

IKEA's latest step in a more sustainable direction is their Black Friday Sell-Back event, where customers can trade in their old furniture for store credit.

So if you've spent a day lugging in your old chairs and tables to put some money toward new ones, a frozen treat might just make the day even better.