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Dallas County Has Now Had Enough COVID-19 Cases To Fill Cowboys Stadium And The AAC

Could the second wave be upon us?
Dallas County Has Now Had Enough COVID-19 Cases To Fill Cowboys Stadium And The AAC

COVID-19 is back on the rise in Dallas County after a significant decrease in cases in September. 

As of Thursday, the County has surpassed 100-thousand cases of the virus since the pandemic began seven months ago in March.

That's enough to fill the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which has a capacity of 80-thousand, and the American Airlines Center (AAC), which holds up to 20-thousand people.

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Is this the second wave of COVID-19? 

Texas has seen an increase in the number of new cases reported each day, but some Doctors believe that we need to be prepared for a second wave to strike.

Dr. James McDeavitt, Dean of Clinical Affairs for Baylor College of Medicine, told KHOU News Houston that the state should start reopening COVID facilities before it's too late.

“Not because we need them but because there’s a hint that the surge might be coming, and we want to be prepared for that," said Dr. McDeavitt.

Will there be another stay-at-home order?

While cases are on the rise again, there has not been any official announcement of another stay-at-home order for Dallas County.

However, the official county website has set the COVID-19 risk monitor to the red zone, meaning "Stay home and stay safe."

El Paso is the only county in Texas right now to issue a two week long stay-at-home order and a nightly curfew in order to hopefully slow the spread. 

How are other Texas counties doing? 

Harris and Tarrant counties continue to be the other hardest-hit spots in the lone star state, with Harris, the home of Houston, actually leading with 161 thousand cases, which could fill the Texans stadium twice and then some. 

Tarrant County, which houses Fort Worth, continues to see a rapid increase in Coronavirus cases, reporting over 65-thousand as of Thursday. 

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is urging residents to stay safe as colder weather, the holidays, and more frightening, flue season approach as the second wave of COVID-19 could soon be upon us.

Let’s all band together now and move from selfishness to sacrifice to put our families, our community, and our economy in a safer, better place Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

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