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'Selling The OC' Star Alexandra Rose Left Texas & Became A Millionaire Realtor In California

She's best friends with Alabama's Alexandra Jarvis.

Alexandra Rose in a yellow top. Right: Rose in a pink and blue dress.

Alexandra Rose in a yellow top. Right: Rose in a pink and blue dress.

Texas Staff Writer

Netflix's new rendition of the real estate series, Selling Sunset, shows all the drama at the Oppenheim Group's newest office in Orange County, CA. We meet the housing empire's employees as they star in the spin-off reality show, Selling The OC.

Cast member, Alexandra Rose, is considered one of the office's top-producing female agents, according to her bestie, Alexandra Jarvis.

The 27-year-old sells multi-million dollar mansions with her colleague by her side and they quickly become fan favorites. However, Rose didn't always live in SoCal. In fact, she once lived in Texas!

According to the real estate agent's profile on The O Group's brokerage website, she grew up in O.C. until moving to Dallas at the age of 10, but couldn't forget the California lifestyle.

At 18 years old, she left the Lone Star State and moved back to the West Coast to continue her education at Grand Canyon University. It seems she hasn't looked back since.

By the looks of her social media account, her Texas life stays a secret, but she was in the capital city of Austin as recent as July 24.

However, many of her photos are geotagged in West Coast cities. With so much love for that region of the U.S., it only makes sense that she has raked in over $100 million in sales over the course of the four years of her real estate career.

You can watch the California-Texan thrive on the streaming app now, as the show recently ranked In the Top 10 trending list.

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