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Canada Just Had A History-Making Run At The Olympics & Won 3 First-Time Medals

Gold, silver and bronze!

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Canadians have found their way into the record books at the Olympics! Damian Warner, Lauriane Genest and Laurence Vincent Lapointe were part of a history-making run in Tokyo where they went back-to-back-to-back and won Canada's first-time medals in their individual events.

Canoer Vincent Lapointe made history late in the evening of August 4 by winning a silver medal in the women's canoe sprint in Tokyo. Since it's the first time that this event has been featured at the Olympics, that means it's Canada's first-ever medal for it!

The next medal for Canada came when Genest won bronze in women's keirin, an eight-lap track cycling race, in the early hours on August 5. That, too, was Team Canada's first-ever Olympic medal in that particular event.

Later in the day, Warner won Canada's third consecutive history-making medal, becoming Canada's first-ever Olympic champion in the decathlon event.

He also made more history as his final score of 9,018 points is both an Olympic and a Canadian record. It's the first time that Warner passed the 9,000-point mark in his career and it's the first time the gold medallist in the decathlon at the Olympics has reached 9,000 points!

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