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Dan Levy Made His ‘SNL’ Hosting Debut & His Dad Showed Up To Surprise Him (VIDEO)

His monologue was pretty powerful, too! 🤩🇨🇦
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Dan Levy's 'SNL' Performance Included A Surprise Cameo From His Dad (VIDEO)

On February 6, 2021, one of Canada’s most famous faces made his Saturday Night Live (SNL) hosting debut. 

Dan Levy’s SNL performance included a powerful monologue about how his life has changed in the last year and even featured a surprise cameo from his dad!

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The Schitt’s Creek writer, producer and star opened by saying he was “honoured” to be hosting the famous American TV show.

“Somewhere my 13-year-old self has fainted in a really needy, melodramatic way," the 37-year-old added.

He revealed that the past 12 months have “quite literally changed [his] life in so many ways,” but said there were ups and downs to his life in the limelight.

“People finally started watching our show Schitt's Creek and [we] were fortunate enough to win nine Emmys this year. Beyond a dream come true," Levy said.

"The not so good: those people are mainly screaming 'Ew!' at me, which was a line I wrote for the show that will now haunt me for the rest of my life," he joked.

He also admitted that receiving Emmy awards that were “quite literally thrown at us by a stranger in a hazmat suit” was a pretty bizarre moment.

Towards the end of Levy’s SNL monologue, the award-winning actor and director was interrupted by his dad, Eugene Levy, in a see-through box.

"Dad?! All the way from Los Angeles?" Levy asked.

His father, Eugene, joked, "Son! Wow look at you! No, I flew in to wish you luck tonight but because I travelled, I'm now in this isolation box."

In addition to his opening speech, Levy also appeared in several SNL sketches, including one that featured him as a Universal Studios Orlando tour guide.

It’s been an impressive start to the year for the Toronto-born star, after Schitt’s Creek was also nominated for multiple Golden Globe awards and SAG awards this month.

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