6 Times The Cast & Fans Of Schitt's Creek Stole The Hearts Of Canadians In 2020

One moment for every year since the show's premiere.
6 Times The Cast & Fans Of Schitt's Creek Stole The Hearts Of Canadians In 2020

The beloved Canadian series that has taken the country and the rest of the world by storm is celebrating yet another milestone. It has been exactly six years since Schitt's Creek premiered on CBC for the first time on January 13, 2015.

Since then, the show has had some pretty iconic moments post-production that have gone viral for all of the right reasons.

Because Canadians just can't get enough of this lovable squad, we have compiled six iconic Schitt's Creek moments to celebrate every year since the show first stole our hearts.

Sweeping Up At The Emmys

A monumental evening for the Schitt's Creek team was taking home nine Emmy awards in September of 2020. The show impressively picked up an award in every comedy category.

Some of those categories included the Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series, and Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series.

Catherine O'Hara's Viral 'Home Alone' TikTok Video

News surfaced that a bunch of people didn't know that Catherine O'Hara was, in fact, the actress who played Kevin's mom in Home Alone.

The realization made for a pretty hilarious commotion online that got so big that O'Hara herself got in on the action.

The actress went viral on TikTok and Twitter after re-portraying her 90s character in an iconic scene from Home Alone 2 where she realizes she lost her son, Kevin, for the second time. The video garnered millions of views. 

Miniature Rosebud Motel

One major fan moment was when a man from Seattle re-created the Rosebud Motel in his front yard.

The model can be found around West Bothwell Street and 10 Avenue in Seattle in the Queen Anne neighbourhood. 

Best of all, the cast got wind of the jaw-dropping rendition of the show's set and responded by saying they were "seriously impressed!"

The Show's "Ew, 2020" Recap

We love a montage-style roundup and these end of the year visuals did not disappoint. 

The cast welcomed the new year and put the old one behind them with a flashback video that we didn't know we needed. The clips featured some seasons that represented each month on the calendar year in a hilarious tribute.

Schitt's Creek's Gingerbread Town

The fandom strikes again! This time making the entire town of Schitt's Creek using gingerbread.

The masterpiece was created for the Peddler's Village annual Gingerbread House Competition. It even took home fourth place in the "Reproduction Of A Movie Or TV Set" category.

Always Paying Homage To Canada 

One thing that the show has always done is remembering and paying homage to its Canadian roots.

From Dan Levy returning home and picking up a Tim Horton's ice cap for the road, to Eugene Levy name dropping McMaster University as the school he once attended and even calling Toronto a "very normal town," the cast is proud of its Canadian roots.

And Canada gave the love right back after lighting up the CN Tower for the cast after they snagged their Emmys.