This Cursed Video Of Donald Trump Motorboating Rudy Giuliani Just Resurfaced (VIDEO)

We have so many questions.
Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Video TikTok Drag

Yes, you read that right. A decades-old video of Donald Trump motorboating former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani just resurfaced thanks to TikTok

In the bizarre video, Giuliani walks through a department store dressed head-to-toe in drag and approaches then-businessman Donald Trump

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Trump proceeds to flirt with Giuliani, sniff his neck, and then stick his face into his chest. 

Wig-adorned Giuliani reacts by giving Trump a slap and calling him a "dirty boy" to which he responds, "You can't say I didn't try."

Is your jaw on the floor? Same. Apparently, the odd video was filmed for the 2000 Mayor’s Inner Circle Show — an annual parody event in New York.

The episode has since come back to haunt Trump and Giuliani on more than one occasion. 

Many versions of it have popped up on YouTube since Trump's election in 2016, plus, Stephen Colbert aired the clip on his show in 2019. 

And now, we're starting off 2021 with this ludicrous video resurfacing once again to be burned into our brains for the rest of time. 

We could have gone our whole lives without seeing this... thanks TikTok.