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Donald Trump Just Resigned From SAG With A Wild Letter

The recent SAG award nominations weren't the only news coming out of the actor's union. Donald Trump's Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) resignation also just happened and the letter is unique. 

This comes after the SAG announced disciplinary charges against the former president, who was a member of the association. 

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Who cares! Donald Trump

In response, Trump sent a letter addressing the situation and resigning from the guild and he did not hold back. 

The letter, which was made public by SAG, involves the former president highlighting his on-screen resume which includes Home Alone 2, Zoolander, and what he called "one of the most successful shows in television history, The Apprentice," among others. 

He then goes on to say that he has helped support cable news television, which was "said to be a dying platform with not much time left until I got involved in politics."

He specifically references "fake news CNN." 

He ends his letter by claiming that the union has done little for its members and that he no longer wishes to be associated with them. 

In response, SAG President Gabrielle Carteris and National Executive Director David White released their own statement: "Thank you."

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