Say goodbye to plastic straws at Tim Hortons! The coffee giant announced plans on Tuesday to eliminate millions of plastic straws over the next year — by replacing them with paper alternatives.

In a press release shared on October 13, the company promised to make the environmentally-friendly transition over the next year.

By early 2021, Timmies intends to have paper straws in all 4,000 restaurants across Canada.

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300 million

plastic straws will be eliminated from Tim Hortons

The coffee company also intends to phase-out plastic bags for bulk orders and aims to remove them from all restaurants by 2021. 

Timmies also says they're currently "testing" compostable cutlery.

This comes as the federal government announced plans to ban multiple single-use plastics in Canada by 2021.

The ban includes certain types of grocery bags, stir sticks, cutlery, takeout containers, straws and more.

In 2019, one report found Tim Hortons to be one of Canada’s biggest plastic polluters, as their cups, lids, straws and other branded plastics were found littered across Canada's shorelines.

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