Tennessee is home to many incredible bars, which is both a really good thing and a really bad thing. You want to find a bar where you can have a good time and that's a little out of the ordinary to really get a great experience. This bar in Memphis has dueling pianos, goats and massive drinks with "secret" booze. 

Silky O'Sullivan's in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the most unique bars in the city. It's an Irish-style pub with some great barbeque and fresh oysters. Kind of a weird combo, but it works. 

This spot also serves pretty insane drinks that will knock your socks off. Usually, sharing a drink with someone is not an option, but you might want to make it one at this spot. 

Besides having great food and drinks, the atmosphere is also pretty rad. There is live music every single night and day, and it doubles as a dueling piano bar, which is an equation for a great time. 

Another interesting part of this bar is the famous goat tower outside. These goats love to drink beer and climb all over the place in their little pen.

The one drink you have to order at Silky's is "The Diver." This drink is served in a gallon-sized bucket with a secret blend of all different types of alcohol. You just have to go try one for yourself in order to see what's in it. 

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Silky O'Sullivan's 

Price: 💸

Address: 183 Beale Street, Memphis, TN 38103

Why You Need To Go: This unique bar is Irish-style with gallon-sized drinks and goats who live in the backyard. 

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