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This Alberta TikToker Is Calling Out Americans For Their Lack Of Knowledge About Canada

She thinks American centrism is a big problem.

Calgary Staff Writer
Camille Hill. Right: Alberta.

Camille Hill. Right: Alberta.

We all know America gives off main character energy (and not always in a good way), and this TikToker from Alberta did not hold back in calling out some Americans for their ignorance towards the Great White North -- and also other countries in general.

In a viral TikTok, Camille Hill, a TikToker from Edmonton, criticized a section of Americans for their lack of awareness about Canada, despite so much shared history between the two nations.


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This rant was a direct response to U.S. travel TikToker Lexi's video, which showcased how the latter knew "nothing about Canada."

On her account, which has since been made private, Lexi went to the extent of asking what Canada is. She said that the country is not on her travel bucket list before confessing that she didn't even know where British Columbia was, until recently.

"You’re a travel page. You should be better read about the world and also about your neighbouring country," Hill commented on Lexi's apparent lack of geographical knowledge.

The Albertan also pointed out how Americans only seem to care about a country if they want to travel there, and use it as "their personal playground."

"Canada is a full country. It's not just there for you and your American friends to come play Disneyland at," she said.

There are so many things -- from policies and trade deals to shared Indigenous culture -- that Americans just don't seem to know about, according to Hill.


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Speaking to Narcity, Hill said she hadn't planned on responding to Lexi's video, but the comments changed her mind.

"It bothered me to see that Americans couldn’t understand the harm that they are doing. American centrism has always been a big problem for Canadians," Hill explained.

Hill added that some Americans were "ignorant of most, if not all countries that are not their own."

If Americans could be "so ignorant" to a country that is very close and so culturally similar, it "doesn't allow for much hope" for countries that are further away and culturally dissimilar.

Hill hopes that via her TikToks, she could use her privilege as a white, middle-class Canadian to "advocate against American centrism in favour of all nations."

The response to her TikTok has been "swift and opinionated" on both sides of the conversation. Hill said she also removed some comments targeted at Lexi as there was "harsh, gendered, and ridiculous criticism."

"I meant only to spark a discussion," Hill said.

While some Americans disagreed, a lot of the others who reached out to ask how they can begin to learn more about Canada so the video had "provoked some positivity," she concluded.

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