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Albertan Kids Are Officially Going Back To School In September

Near-normal school is coming soon.
Albertan Schools Will Be Back To 'Near-Normal' In September When Classes Start

Things are slowly returning back to normal as the province continues opening up. Albertan schools will be back in session shortly and students will be welcomed back to in-person classes. There will be a ton of new guidelines and regulations to keep kids healthy, including a daily self-screening questionnaire to see if they could attend or not.

In a statement on Tuesday, July 21, the government of Alberta officially announced that the 2020 to 2021 school year will be resuming in person.

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"The return of more than 750,000 students to near-normal learning in the new school year is indicative of Alberta’s continued recovery as we work to relaunch our economy and return to our regular everyday lives," said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in the release.

Right now, schools are planning to put in health measures like installing hand sanitizer stations at "school entrances and classrooms, grouping students in cohorts, and planning the school day to allow for physical distancing."

That means the normal school day schedule might look a bit different, with the release stating they might begin "staggering start times for classes, recesses and lunches."

They continue that more changes might take place before September, depending on what the chief medical officer of health decides.

"We are committed to doing everything possible to protect the health and safety of students, staff and families during the upcoming school year," said Alberta's top doctor, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, in the statement.

"There is no risk-free approach to COVID-19 but there are also risks to children’s overall health from school closures."

If a COVID-19 outbreak happens in school, the statement continued, then officials might transition class back to at-home or to a partial in-school learning system.

It depends on the specific case, like how many students were affected and how likely it is to spread.

The announcement of students returning to school follows close on the heels of a recent spike in cases, with 368 new infections confirmed over just three days.

But despite the recent swell in cases, the reopening plan is set to start in fall.

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