After getting fed up with their own government, some Albertans want to join the U.S. — and they're setting up a massive billboard to prove it.

Peter Downing, the co-founder of Wexit and leader of the non-profit Alberta USA Foundation, told the Edmonton Journal they will be installing the massive ad on Monday morning, August 31.

Alberta independence is very, very mainstream.

Peter Downing

The billboard will appear on "109 Street near Jasper Avenue" and will feature a photo of President Donald Trump; Downing said becoming America's 51st state would solve the province's economic and political problems.

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"Here’s your choice, accept Canada’s socialist Green New Deal … or have everything that we want, but we just have a different flag by the legislature," said Downing.

There will also be a matching billboard put up in Ottawa, he said; the two will be up for a week, but he continued that they have the funds to pay for more.

Via Edmonton Journal