Alberta's top doctor, Deena Hinshaw, addressed the public on Thursday, October 8 to give an update on the pandemic in the province. 

While the province's numbers have grown more in one day than ever before, most of those numbers are coming from COVID-19 in Edmonton

Alberta currently sits at 2,097 cases and more than half are in Edmonton alone. In fact, Edmonton has just announced some new voluntary health measures as cases continue to climb. 

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1,251 Cases in Edmonton

During the question period, a member of the media asked Hinshaw "do you think Calgary will have to see increased restrictions as well?"  

The expert said her main focus and concern is for Edmonton at this time. 

"Thankfully the rest of the province still seems to be holding steady," she said. 

She called this an opportunity for the rest of the province to keep following health and safety measures and being as safe as possible.