Canadian Researchers Think They've Found 'A Real Cure For Diabetes' & It Sounds So Cool

They're literally making insulin-producing cells! 🤯
Canadian Researchers Think They've Found 'A Real Cure For Diabetes' & It Sounds So Cool

Researchers at the University of Alberta think that they may have found a cure for diabetes

The research team, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Canada, is led by Dr. James Shapiro who is known for developing The Edmonton Protocol, which "involves transplanting islet cells from a donated pancreas into the liver of the recipient," says the research page

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Now, according to CTV News, the team has invented a new stem cell process that may be safer and more effective.

In an interview with U of A's Folio, Dr. Shapiro explained that this is because those who receive the treatment may no longer need a lifetime of medication with strong side effects.*

If we are successful enough, that will be as close to a cure for diabetes as I think we're ever going to see.

Dr. James Shapiro, DRIFCan

The researcher told CTV that they have been manufacturing insulin-producing cells from the blood of patients who have diabetes.

So far, this process in diabetic mice is helping to the point where "essentially their diabetes is cured," he said.  

Dr. Shapiro added that this new process makes it so patients won't reject the cells as they are coming from their own blood. 

Now, they need to move to human testing to show the world that this new method is indeed safe. 

The team's website says this could "bring the world far closer to a real cure for diabetes" and that they are looking for individuals with diabetes to participate in human trials

Editor's note: This article has been updated.

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