Every year the snow falls and every year we collectively forget how to drive. Those are the rules. 

It seems Edmonton's road conditions were less than optimal on Monday, October 19 and police sure had their hands full. 

According to CTV News, EPS responded to 53 crashes during Monday's commute alone. Edmonton Fire Rescue responded to 15 collisions that evening, too. 

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Ok #YEG, winter is here, snow is falling, roads are icy. Please slow down so everyone can get home safe

Cst. Corinne Kline, Edmonton Police Service, via Twitter

Several tweets were issued by law enforcement, including the above by Cst. Corinne Kline. 

Edmonton Police tweed this morning, saying "It's slick out there this morning #yeg. This is a reminder that your tires are not skates and the roads are not skating rinks. Allow yourself extra time to get to where you need to go today. Drive safe and please slow down."

If you don't have your winter tires on yet, now might be the time. 

There's no shame in driving like a bit of a turtle until you get your bearings back. 

Stay safe out there, Edmonton!