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Jane Goodall Is Begging Edmonton To Transfer 'Lucy The Lonely Elephant' To Tennessee

She's lived for decades as the only elephant at the zoo.
Jane Goodall Is Begging Edmonton To Transfer 'Lucy The Lonely Elephant' To Tennessee

Dr. Jane Goodall released a video statement on Tuesday, December 29, asking Edmonton City Council to "free Lucy the lonely elephant."

Lucy the elephant lives at the Edmonton Valley Zoo and, according to Goodall, has lived her life in isolation as the only elephant there.

Narcity has reached out to the City of Edmonton for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response. 

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I am told that Lucy, after many years confined in isolation, has been up to 1,000 pounds overweight, significantly contributing to her ongoing health issues. Jane Goodall

"It seems to me that after the four decades Lucy has 'worked' for your City, she has earned her retirement in a more humane setting. I encourage you to work with Lucy's Edmonton Advocates' Project to take the next steps to make that transition," she continued. 

Apparently, Lucy has a "standing invitation" at a sanctuary in Tennessee where Dr. Goodall would like to see her relocated right away. 

In her video, Jane Goodall discusses the social nature of elephants, saying that they share similar emotions to our own as human beings. 

"Lucy has been in captivity for nearly four decades," said Goodall. The activist went on to say that she's been denied proper food and exercise. 

She said that Lucy is suffering physically and psychologically. 

Not only does she want the elephant transferred, but she does not want to see any other elephants at the Edmonton Valley Zoo after Lucy's departure. 

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