There's truly nothing better than an amazing patio on a sunny day. Thankfully, Baijiu Restaurant has one of the most eye-catching patios in Edmonton. It's got such strong tropical vibes that we wouldn't fault you for mistaking it for Thailand. 

The local hot-spot opened its rooftop patio just this year. This means that you should make your way there before word gets around and it becomes everyone's new go-to. 

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Baijiu is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton.

It's situated inside the well-known Mercer building so you know you're getting treated to epic views of the cityscape as you sip your cocktails. 

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday each week.

On Friday and Saturday, the doors are open from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m., whereas the hours are from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. on weekdays. 

If you've been bummed out about missing out on a tropical vacation this year, this should help.

Taking in the sun while seated chilling at this enormous patio space will make anyone day's no matter what. 

Another fantastic thing about this patio is that dogs are allowed. 

All you have to do is hook their leash on a picnic table.

Their menu is Asian-inspired, so you can expect your classic pub fare like chicken wings and burgers with a little bit of a twist. 

They've also got a variety of bao buns, dumplings, noodles, salads, and even a whole chicken if you're in the mood. 

The cocktail lineup is impressive in its own right.

They've got seven original cocktails, including inventions named "Baijiu Barbie," which is made up of coconut tequila and the Chinese alcoholic drink named Baijiu, and "Yves. St. Limon," which has vodka, jasmine tea, elderflower, amongst other things. How refreshing does that sound?

Get ready for a glorious, boozy day under the sun. 

Baijiu Restaurant

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Asian 

Address: 10359 104 St., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: To have a classic summer experience at one of Edmonton's trendiest new patio spaces.