Edmonton Man Threatens To 'Decapitate' Filipino-Canadians During Wild Racist Rant (VIDEO)

He accuses them of bringing "corona to Canada."
Racist Edmonton Video Show A Man Threatening Filipino-Canadians (VIDEO)

Footage of a racist altercation at an Edmonton apartment building has emerged online. On Monday, July 6, an Edmontonian was caught accusing a group of Filipino-Canadians of bringing "corona into Canada." Based on one of the racist Edmonton videos posted by one of the victims, the same man was also heard threatening to "decapitate" them. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes violence and racial slurs. 

On Tuesday, July 7, Patricia Anne Medrano posted a set of videos and screenshots depicting parts of the incident. 

In her first post, she said that a man in her westside apartment tried to hit on her at around 9:15 p.m. in the evening. 

Edmonton Police Service has identified this man as 28-year-old Rylee Dodd. 

Medrano had her brother Jasper pretend to be her boyfriend. But Dodd didn't let up. "But he still told me that 'You know that I can f*** you real good,'" she wrote in her post.  

Dodd reportedly kept insisting on getting her number. When the family tried to go downstairs, he launched into a racist tirade. 

"He is really being disrespectful and saying racial slurs like 'Go back to your country!,' 'This is Canada, not Wuhan. You spread the virus,'" wrote Medrano. 

In the video posted, Dodd can be seen charging into the apartment and touching Medrano who's recording the video. "F*** you, why are you hitting me?" she's heard yelling. 

She tells her brother to call 911. That's when Dodd appears to  tell the group, "I'll kill you, I'll decapitate you." 

At one point, he even says, "Get the f*** out of Canada," to the group. 

Medrano wrote in the post that Dodd attacked her while kicking down their door. She posted a photo of the bruising.  

In another post shared by Medrano, the man can be heard yelling through his apartment window. Apparently, this part happened the following morning. 

The morning tirade was also directed at an unnamed man who had come into Medrano's defence. 

Dodd is heard accusing the man of bringing "corona into Canada." 

He accuses him of not being a Canadian citizen.

When the unnamed defender tells Dodd that he was born in this country, Dodd says, "Bulls***." 

Medrano wrote in her post that she never got the defender's name but thanked him for being there.

Edmonton Police told Narcity that Dodd has been charged with assault and "uttering threats in relation to this incident." 

The police's Hate Crimes division is also looking into the video. 

Medrano wrote in her post that the man was released as they will need to come up with a court order but, according to her, he's not allowed into the building anymore.

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