Canada Has A List Of Flights With COVID-19 Exposures & There Are 21 Trips On It

There are domestic flights and international ones too.
Exposure To COVID-19 On Flights Is Being Logged By Canada On This List
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Have you been on a plane recently? You might want to check out this list. Exposure to COVID-19 on flights is being logged on a list by Canada and there 21 flights on it so far. Both international and domestic trips have been affected.

Canada has a page dedicated to informing people of locations where they may have been exposed to COVID-19, which is updated daily.

That includes planes, trains and cruise ships.

The information comes from provincial, territorial and international health authorities along with public websites. 

Everything on the list is only from June 23 and onwards.

Currently, there have been confirmed cases of the disease on 21 flights within Canada and to international destinations.

For the six domestic flights affected so far, they're all with Air Canada.

That includes AC1121 from Toronto to Saskatoon on June 23. The affected rows are unknown. AC259 from Toronto to Winnipeg on that same day had exposure on rows 24 to 34.

Two AC428 flights from Toronto to Montreal on June 26 and June 29 have also been affected but the rows are not specified.

Then there are two AC425 flights from Montreal to Toronto.

For the one on July 1, rows 22 to 26 were affected and for the one on July 2, rows 14 to 18 are listed.

Internationally, four Air Canada flights have been put on the list so far. 

That includes two from Mexico to Toronto and two from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto, all taking off between June 26 and June 29. 

It's not just Air Canada who has seen exposures internationally. The government warns about a number of other airlines where passengers have been confirmed to have COVID-19. 

Air France and Korean Air each have two different flights with positive-testing passengers. 

Other impacted airlines include Aeromexico, Air Asia, Delta, and Turkish Airlines. 

The full list of international trips with flight times and affected rows is available on the government website

There have been other possible exposures on flights within Canada and from international destinations.

Recently WestJet and Air Canada ended physical distancing on planes and reopened all seats.

There is still a global travel advisory in place to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada.

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