Stage two of Alberta's reopening plan is officially underway as of Thursday, June 10. This is the second of three stages and the final stage is expected to come about in early July.

There are some key areas of your everyday life that might be changed up as the province continues to reopen, so here are some elements of the current health orders and what you can and can't do right now in Alberta.

Social Gatherings

As of now, all indoor gatherings are prohibited. You can only hang out with your household members indoors or with your two close contacts if you live alone.

Meanwhile, outdoor social gatherings have been boosted up to a maximum of 20 people. Though, you still need to maintain physical distance between people outside your household.

Both funerals and weddings can have up to 20 people and receptions must only be held outdoors. Indoor faith services can be held at one-third of fire code occupancy and outdoor services can have up to 150 people.

Fitness, Sports, & Recreation

Indoor recreation facilities like arenas and indoor pools can open at one-third of fire code occupancy. Gyms and fitness studios can re-open for solo and drop-ins, but three meters of distance is required between participants.

People no longer need to wear masks while exercising, but it is encouraged. You do need to wear a mask when you aren't exercising.

Outdoor recreation can reopen with no capacity, but two meters of distance must be maintained between people from different households. In addition, all indoor and outdoor sports can resume. While physical distance is not required, masks are mandatory for low-intensity activities like bowling, for example.

Spectators will be allowed to watch indoor and outdoor sporting evenings. There is a one-third occupancy limit for indoor activities and a 150 person limit for non-fixed seating events.

Restaurants & Bars

Indoor and outdoor dining is now back on the agenda. There is a six-person limit per table and while different households can dine together, they must be two meters apart. Liquor service will end at 11 p.m. and dining must close at midnight.


Retail stores can reopen with a capacity of one-third of the fire code occupancy or five customers, whichever is greater. This doesn't include staff members. Masks are still mandatory.