This Edmonton Shop Has The Wildest Frozen Treats & The Flavours Are So Unique

It's dessert heaven.
Yelo'd Ice Cream In Calgary Has The Most Extra Frozen Treats & The Flavours Are So Unique

It's ice-cream o'clock. If you've been craving the frozen treats these days, we've got on the scoop on one of Edmonton's trendiest dessert parlours. Yelo'd Ice Cream Shop promises treats so over-the-top and delicious that you'll probably be hitting it up all summer long. 

Located on the city's bustling Whyte Avenue, the shop and its unbelievably pretty desserts will offer you an epic escape from those scorching summer days. 

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Yelo'd's treats are inspired by Asian and particularly Filipino cuisine. 

This means that the dessert flavours will be far more unique than what you're used to in your run-of-the-mill ice-cream shop. 

Their signature flavour is Ube, which adventurous eaters would know is essentially purple yams. Yelo'd told Narcity that they go through 100 pounds of yams on a weekly basis to produce this popular ice-cream. 

Other interesting treats that caught our eye include black sesame ice cream with salted duck egg, soy sauce ice cream with caramelized chow mein, Ube-cheesecake combo ice-cream, and a matcha raspberry ice-cream flavour. 

The offerings might be unfamiliar but you'll still be able to satisfy your sweet tooth. The black sesame flavour gives off a roasted nutty sensation, much like peanut butter, whereas the soy sauce flavour will remind you of brown sugar and salted caramel. 

In addition to the ice-cream dishes mentioned above, you'll have more traditional flavours like chocolate and peanut butter, coconut, and coconut-infused mango. 

All the ice creams come in pints for $12 each. 

They have plenty of other frozen goodies, too. Cookie towers, ice-cream cakes, rocky road brownies, Nanaimo bars — Yelo'd has a little bit of everything. 

The shop told Narcity that one of their most popular and unique dishes is something called Champorado, which is a "warm semi-sweet chocolate rice pudding" served with a good helping of your chosen soft-serve on top. 

If that doesn't sound simply divine, your taste buds must be broken. 

The eatery's also come out with a treat called a Tustado, a purple bun that is toasted with ice-cream in the middle. The end-product is a colourful, mouth-watering dessert sandwich that will send you straight to food heaven. 

So if you've been hoping to cool off this summer with exquisite frozen delights at a reasonable price, we've found you a jackpot. 

Yelo'd Ice Cream

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Filipino-flavoured desserts 

Address: 10152 82 Ave., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: To get your hands on the most unique, delicious, and colourful ice-cream treats in Edmonton. 

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